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Blocking Ads: I’m not a hypocrite!

by on Oct.19, 2009, under General, Technology

I hate web advertisements with a passion yet I love capitalism and I love people that make money any moral (and some immoral) way they can.  Honestly, the main reason I won’t switch to Google Chrome is I’ll miss my AdBlock Plus plugin too much. I don’t have anything against someone putting advertisements on their site.. I just don’t want to see them!  They are ugly, they get in the way and they take the focus off of the real content. (That’s the whole point, I know…)

But now I’ve decided to start making money using Google Adsense. I’m sure you’ve noticed the hideous, ugly ads on the site but I’ve also launched 13 21 other sites just for making money with Adsense.

So now that I’m on the other side of the things, am I a hypocrite? HELL NO! I still use Adblock Plus, even when looking at my own sites.  My logic is this: If you are the type of person to block ads using a plug-in, proxy, host file, etc, you are also the type of person to identify ads from real content and not click them.

Yes, this is a rant and yes it was pointless.  Thanks for reading… now go click some ads!

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by on Sep.12, 2009, under General

This being my first blog post I feel I should tell you something about myself.  I’m a Systems Engineer for BBVA Compass.  I manage all Internet facing systems such as Online Banking.  I’m also a graduate Student at UAB working on my Master’s Degree.

This blog will not be for everyone but if you are a technology nerd with conservative-leaning libertarian political views, you’ll probably enjoy it very much.

If we aren’t already connected on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, feel free!

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